About Us

guarentee31A respected business since 2004. Cornerstone Gutters and Roofing Pty Ltd is a fast growing family friendly team dedicated to providing the best quality service for all your roof plumbing needs. Supplying guttering and roofing services across the Perth metropolitan area, we provide competitive pricing without sacrificing the quality of our product. We know a residence is a valued place and aim to make your home and its needs our top priority.

Cornerstone takes pride in the fact that our tradesman are always personable and friendly. We let you know when the work will commence, arrive on time and notify you the moment work has completed. Our work day starts when you want and finishes within your requested time frame. We clean up after ourselves and only use quality materials. Cornerstone always delivers what has been agreed upon and endeavours’ to achieve what is above and beyond our initial promise.

We back our services by an ethical standard with our satisfaction guarantee. Gradification is high for we keep working until you are happy.

 Referral Rewards

referralCornerstone rewards our clients. If you refer us to a friend who gives us the “go ahead” to commence work on their home or commercial property, for any quote, big or small, we give you a referral reward. Each reward is determined by the dollar value of the referral and changes per referral – but never expires. You may use your referral reward whenever you wish (for example: if you received a free gutter cleaning for a referral and do not wish to use it until you really need it – simply keep your referral voucher number and cash it in when you want). Returning clients receive our news letter and can choose from the variety of discounts offered.